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Jane Evans


Let me introduce myself.  I am Jane Evans and I am a want to be Grand Prix rider.  If only I could have started at a very early age!  I did not have the opportunity to ride or even see horses as a child but I still dreamed of having a horse and riding.  My Dad told me that when he bought a farm he would by me a horse, but when he finally bought a farm I was grown and married.  I worked while my husband was in college.  This gave me the opportunity to work extra typing thesis for college students and I used the extra money for riding lessons.  Then he was finished college and I was busy with moving and babies and being a wife and mother.  After some years we were more settled and the children were older.  I started riding lessons again and probably rode for about 15 years until life got in the way.  I was moving to Roanoke and got rid of my horses and again did not ride for at least 20 years. 


One day I thought about how I missed horses and I wanted to be involved with them.  I looked in the phone book and found Roanoke Valley Therapeutic Riding and started volunteering as a side-walker for many years.  That eased the longing for a horse while I was busy working and making a living.  When I retired I had to get back into horses and started taking riding lessons.  I was still volunteering at what had changed to Healing Strides and becoming more active in the program.  When Carol Young started at Healing Strides she planted the idea of me becoming a therapeutic riding instructor.  At first I was thinking I was too old, not a good enough rider, I would be too scared to do the test, etc.  Finally I decided to stop making excuses and go for it and I managed to get the instructor certification, although I did freak out when I had to do the riding test.  But, that is behind me now and I have been an instructor for a couple of years.  This is the most inspiring job anyone could have.  We see miracles everyday!




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