Our Retired Horses

Kite: retired in 2012 to a forever home where she oversees teenage horses needing guidance in the herd. She is often seen galloping through the fields, leading the herd.

Majec: Retired in 2012 to a forever home where she receives daily kisses and treats from her new family. She can be “spotted” from time to time running with her friend Maggie, who has retired to same home.

Maggie: retired in 2012 to a family farm where she enjoys nice rides and loving embraces at her forever home. She plays with her herd-mate Majec.

Smokey: retired in 2012 to his forever home on a nice 200 acre farm where he is often seen running and frolicking with other farm animals. Smokey still loves to take a trail ride and be in front of the line.

Alley: retired in 2012 to her former family where she is loved and can play in the many secret places horse just love. She gave many good rides to our country and western riders.

Cricket: Cricket was an amazing palomino quarter horse who was dearly loved. Sadly Cricket lost his battle with cancer in 2011 and died peacefully on a beautiful farm in the area. Cricket will be missed by all.

Cindi Lou: Another beautiful palomino who was a dedicated horse partner and one of the sweetest horses at HSVA. She gave many years to our program. She died at home and will be missed.