Hippotherapy consists of a team. A Team consists of a Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapist (OT), or Speech Therapist, a PATH Certified Instructor, and an equine Partner (horse). The PT, OT or Speech Therapist must be certified by the American Hippotherapy Association in order to provide this service.

Hippotherapy is a form of therapy using the cadence and movement of the horse as a viable surface to encourage and motivate clients to reach PT, OT, and Speech therapy goals.

The difference between Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy is that Therapeutic Riding is recreational, a riding skill is being taught- and Hippotherapy is medical therapy and no riding skill is being taught, respectively.

Healing Strides partners with Carilion Children’s Hospital for our Hippotherapy program. At this time, Healing Strides is only working with pediatric patients.

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